Raceweek 2018 Registration and a special Raceday

2018 Registration and special Raceday 3

With less than a week to the 2018 Registration day and a special Raceday 3 (Saturday) memorial to the late Tom Howard, things are really starting to shape up at Race HQ.

Regatta Accommodation is Full.

Both Cape Panwa Hotel and Kantary Bay Hotel are fully booked at the special regatta rates and sailors are advised to contact either hotel for any late availability.

2018 Registration, Wednesday 18th July.

Organisers are asking participants to come to registration as early as possible. 2018 Registration opens at 10am – 4pm and with 30+ entries, we would like to get you in and out with all the paperwork done as quickly and smoothly as we possibly can.

The skippers briefing will be at the Regatta Village hosted by PRO Simon James at 17:30. 

Raceday 3 (Saturday) in memory of Tom Howard.

Raceday 3 in memory of Tom Howard and 2018 registration
Tom Howard

As some of you may know Tom Howard passed away in April. Tom was a long-term supporter of Phuket Raceweek and a promoter of the ‘Classics’ series with his boat ‘Seraph’.

Having spoken with Tom’s family and partner Khun Pang  this year the Saturday Raceday will be “The Tom Howard Raceday”.

We are hoping everyone will be able to join in with the racing and if not racing join us at the Regatta Village on Saturday evening for the special prize giving.

Let’s get Social.

As you know we have promoted a number of initiatives to reduce plastic and this continues in 2018. You will see various other initiatives being introduced and the fight continues. We promote Cape Panwa Hotel Phuket Raceweek and sailing in Phuket with the hashtag #Phuketsailing and sailing in Thailand hashtag #Thailandsailing. 

If you can help us spread the word, through your social channels, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and also bring us your plastic back ashore and put it in the containers proved. We like to recycle.