Caption Competition winner

Cape Panwa Hotel 2016 Caption Competition

We are delighted to announce the 2016 Caption Competition winner from the 2016 Cape Panwa Hotel Phuket Raceweek. The responses were somewhat staggering and the organisers have decided to run another competition on the lead up to the 2017 announcing the winner at the Saturday Night awards party..

Caption Competition Entries:

Here are a just few of the Caption Competition entries; “Oh! No!” Mum forgot to pack my play lunch!” What do you mean we ran out of beer? What going on? I told you to bring the toilet paper So headache! Oh Fvck! Oh mine.. I need some beer! Pretty holiday with honeymoon Did mount gay hit me hard last night? You know the grey boat is ahead of us right? Damn! Why do I do this? Don’t ask me I’m drunk!!! Oh shit we were beaten by the grey Pulse Phuket Island Radio skippered by a girl and 15 year old boy! I told you to duck mate…duck. Not another race! I’ve just lite my fag… why so many cruel words. I like to be reborn somewhere in the mountains far away from the sea You could have told me it was a lady boy! I’m sure there were 3 of us before that last bouy rounding Who built this piece of crap? Let’s try going the opposite way we think we should!! Oh NO, Caught out on a multihull! Oppssss…just beaten by two girls What do you mean “have I got the bungs??!?!?” shorten course at what mark? So the winner is …..

Simon Boyd and our congratulations go out to Simon who wins two tickets to the CPHPRW 17 Opening Ceremony on Wednesday 19th July 2017 “You know the grey boat is ahead of us right?”

Thank you all for playing along, follow us on our our social media profiles and we look forward to seeing you all in July 2017 #phuketsailing


Author: Dave Welton

Dave is a part content writer and blogger and contributes to the website on a regular basis.