Asia Catamarans Profile and History

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Asia Catamarans Profile and History is indeed a success story. Founded in early 2013 when Swiss born boat builder Roger Diggelmann teamed up with Australian born yacht designer and boat builder Alan Carwardine, the man behind Stealth Designs.

Roger had been building many boats in Phuket for the previous 12 years and had built a good team of talented Thai workers learnt their language, earned their respect and fell in love with all things Thai.
Alan had been working in the Australian and Asian marine industry for a similar period and decided it was time for a ‘sea change’. Phuket was the pick.

With many successful Stealth designs in both monohulls and catamarans already sailing in Brisbane and Asia Alan took the opportunity to design a complete new set of Stealth catamarans starting with a clean sheet of paper.

The main concept of the new designs was to offer to the world a semi- production, semi-custom catamaran from 11 to 15 metres in both sail and power at an affordable price with the emphasis on light weight and speed.
The key was to use state of the art materials such as carbon fibre, vinyl cores and quality epoxy resins along with modern building techniques with all structures being vacuumed.

Clever building techniques using male and female moulds that could be used on the complete range were also a big advantage to build with precision and efficiency.

Knowing that the mass catamaran builders were predominantly based in Europe, designed for Europe and were heavy, slow and no fun to sail the new Stealth range of cats were designed for tropical conditions with the priority being excellent air flow, little sun ingress, fast and above all, fun to sail.
A niche’ market for sure but one that no boat builders were covering and one very much what Stealth boats have always been about.

Since the company started Stealth Catamarans have been dominating the Asian racing scene with 4 wins in 5 years in both the King’s Cup and Phuket Race Week with Stealth’s often filling the top 3 positions.
Presently boat number 12 is soon to be launched, boats 13 and 14 under construction with boats 16 and 17 on order .
A prosperous company with a healthy future for sure!