excellent sailing

3 days of excellent sailing conditions

You just couldn’t have asked for anything more—three days of excellent sailing conditions in and around Chalong Bay, providing the perfect relief to those who have suffering from the COVID blues. On the final day of racing for Phuket Raceweek, 2021 PRO Simon James of Regattas Asia had to delay the planned noon start time

Great Sailing

Great Sailing no anxiety.

Wow! With so much anxiety, frustration and misery ashore due to all the ongoing problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic it was exhilarating and therapeutic to get in two good days of sailing in near-perfect sailing conditions. With the sun out and the wind hovering around 12 knots competitors were yelling for more as they

Blue skies

Nothing but blue skies

All the trouble and worry put into preparing for the 18th Phuket Raceweek paid off as organisers and Phuket Raceweek rights holders Media Business Services Co Ltd managed by Byron and Rung Jones who were rewarded with blue skies and great sailing for the first day of the regatta. Byron was on the start boat