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Early Bird 2016 opens

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Early Bird Registration NOW OPEN
Early Bird registration is now open and we ask you to let us now you are coming as early as you can, it helps us when ordering supplies, shirts, hats and of course beer, wine and spirits so we know how many we can expect, your early booking as well as offering savings helps us cater for you.
Early Bird special rates, book early – click HERE

The picture of RO Simon James and the hard working volunteers that make the on water racing exceptional. Did you hear what the sailors are saying?Take a look at the video […]

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FAST 40 gathers Pace

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With racing for the FAST 40 + class coming on line in the Solent for 2016, hopefully a new halcyone era of British grand prix yacht racing is set to dawn with owners acquiring new hardware, specific

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Franck Cammas badly injured

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Franck Cammas has been airlifted to hospital with serious leg wounds after being badly injured

Franck Cammas, skipper of GroupamaFrench America’s Cup skipper Franck Cammas has been seriously injured in an accident while training aboard a foiling GC32 catmaran.

Cammas was at the helm of one of two training boats and sailing in Quiberon Bay, Brittany, today when he fell overboard and was run over by the rudder of the boat while it was foiling at speed, his team reports. His right leg was badly injured.

Cammas was quickly recovered by a support RIB and was taken to shore, where he was […]

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The official video of the 2015 Cape Panwa Hotel Phuket Raceweek is now live here.

Four days of tough conditions made for a challenging series but it was smiles all round at the end with lots of great onshore socialising to boot. If you didn’t make it this year, check out what you missed and get a flavour of what you can expect in 2016. We hope you enjoy the video.
Book your accommodation early
Participants are getting in touch with us earlier each year to book their accommodation. It may only be November, but we’ve already booked many rooms for sailors at […]

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Sea anchors

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Sea Anchors and drogues in this article we test a Jordan Series drogue and a ParaAnchor.

Toby Hodges tries out a ParaAnchor sea anchor and a Jordan Series Drogue on a heavy weather sail training weekend in the English Channel

Drogues and sea anchors are designed to slow a boat or allow it to hold station in extreme weather conditions. They can prevent a possible capsize, oll or broach by keeping the bow or stern facing the weather. Debates about the pros and cons are rife among cruisers.
Sea anchors
In Skip Novak’s Storm Sailing Series he reveals that he isn’t in favour of […]

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Catamaran sailing

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Arriving at the marina and contemplating your exit can present a daunting view, but cats are easier to handle under power than you may think. Multihull expert Nigel Irens explains how to get off the dock with the minimum of fuss

The attraction of sailing a boat that offers the vast living space only found on a multihull may one day mean that your average monohull sailor is faced with the need to bone up on how to transfer their seamanship skills to catamaran sailing.

Typically this might crop up when a big family – or a group of friends – is […]

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Quantum Racing TP52

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The 52 Super Series plans for 2016 include exciting new venues and new challenges as the world’s leading performance monohull circuit enters a successful fifth year. Read more

The new TP52s have better performance, but it is up to crews to tweak rig and sails. And none do it better than this Botin &n Partners design, says James Boyd

Celebrating its tenth anniversary in Europe this year, racing’s premier keelboat class, the TP52, is in surprisingly good health. Through careful management it has avoided the dramatic cost escalation that typically destroys ‘box rule’ classes and, three years ago, it survived the demise […]

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AC World Series in Gothenburg

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After the first race of the day, three boats shared the lead while Artemis had performed a superb comeback on day 2 of the LV AC World Series

When asked how his close friend and skipper of Artemis Racing, Iain Percy would be feeling after his team’s run of poor performance and bad luck, Ben Ainslie took his time to reply.

“Sunday’s racing will be for double points,” he said. “They could go out there and win both races and win the regatta, so I wouldn’t write them off.”

Which is precisely what the home team set out to prove in the first […]

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SS Varvassi

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This great little video shows a party of intrepid wreck hunters intent on standing on the wreck of the SS Varvassi – until the tide comes in at the end….

How many people can stand on the wreck of the SS Varvassi?

This great little video might just show a bizarre new record as a group of people decide to stand on the remnants of the ship’s boiler at low water.

The shipwreck off the Needles on the Isle of Wight is one of the hazards of any race round the island. Despite its legendary status, it’s a bit of a mystery, and […]

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Getting a good start

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If a good start is the key to good race, the last tack into the start and the first 60 seconds out of it are crucial, explains top America’s Cup sailor Terry Hutchinson

The subtleties of a good start are more complicated than identifying a good spot to leeward and starting next to someone who is going to give space and be happy to be rolled – although they both seem to help.

For me, consistent starting comes from repetition of the process and having a team that is working together without the need for constant communication. Simple buzzwords such as […]